on Strandgade 20, in the old Christianshavn area, you will find Donda. Placed in a delightful location with great views towards Torvegade and Knippelsbro, a bridge over Copenhagen’s canal, Donda welcomes you to Copenhagen’s eatery and bar, where the food makes one think of the latin American coasts.

we are a latin American eatery and bar that purveys fish, seafood and vegetables, pleasingly prepared over charcoal. The food is served ‘family-style’ and the dishes are shareable, giving you the opportunity to enjoy and experience the whole menu.

Donda is a eatery working latin american spices and flavours, and in order to provide you with the ultimate food experience, the menu is being determined by the availability of fresh produce.

The bar serves drinks that directly complimented the latin american food. Offering some cocktails, a small but meticulously picked natural vines selection, and a range of special beers, that perfectly compliment the fresh food served in the restaurant.

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